Boxes and Pricing

Farm-fresh fruits and veggies delivered to your doorstep.

We offer 5-8 different varieties of South Carolina farmer-grown fresh fruit and vegetables in our Produce Boxes. Each week, you'll have up to 3 different Boxes to choose from. Here's a sampling of Box choices you’ll see each week. Please note, contents will vary depending on what’s in season.

Sprout Box - $23 - $25 each week
For 1-2 person households

Our Sprout Box offers smaller portions of each item for smaller households. Just enough produce for a delicious week of side items and desserts!

Farmer's Choice - $25 - $27 each week
For 3-4 person households

The Farmer's Choice Box is just that...Farmer Edward creates his own special box by choosing his pick of the crops each week. He promises there will be a great variety of his favorite fruits and veggies.

Harvest Box - $27 - $29 each week
For 3-4 person households

The Harvest Box is big enough for a family of four.  Includes our most popular veggies and fruits. Nothing too strange in here!