Farming Practices

"Nothing fresher, nothing finer than the Certified SC grown fruits and vegetables from the Hudson Family Farm" 

As a member of The Bounty Box, you are now a part of our family. We are proud and honored to share the bountiful harvest of Hudson Family Farm with you, along with harvests of other local farms. We personally manage, constantly look over, and intensively grow our produce. This simply means that we baby our crops, that they receive all that is needed to grow plump, maintain nutrients, and taste good, and that they never suffer for anything. We can vouch that our local partner farmers take the same pride in growing their crops as well. Our production is based on what produce specialists call GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) and IPM (Integrated Pest Management). GAP's insure that your family has the safest and highest quality produce. IPM balances environmental responsibility with the need to have the highest quality produce possible. Together they ensure that you will have peace of mind when you set a scrumptious, nutritious meal before your family.
Carrot tops
At the peak of perfection, our produce is harvested and quickly delivered to your family. Simply put, this ensures FRESHNESS and reduces the time and distance from the field to your table. Get ready to enjoy a new feeling of joy that comes from providing your family a table filled with our bountiful harvest at such a minimal price.

Since we began growing crops, Hudson Family Farm has prided itself on using only all-natural farming practices.  That means staying as true to nature as we possibly can, while still growing tasty fruits and vegetables. We do this in a number of ways… Our goal is to avoid spraying herbicides, instead we use a “raised bed” approach which keeps weeds at bay. We also rarely use insecticides. If we do have some pesky critters, we first use an organic bug spray, if that doesn’t help, we don’t do anything except try to harvest quickly to save as much produce as possible. It’s important to us to grow the healthiest, purest produce possible for your family. That’s why we insist on staying absolutely true to all-natural farming practices.

Additionally, Hudson Family Farm is certified by Clemson University in FRESH PRODUCE SAFETY TRAINING IN GOOD AGRICULTURAL PRACTICES. This program is designed to minimize the risk of contamination of fresh fruits and vegetables by microbial pathogens and is based on the US Food and Drug Administration's Guide to Minimize Microbial Food Safety Hazards for Fresh Fruits and Vegetables.
                                  Zucchini and squash in buckets