The Bounty Box
Treat yourself to the delicious (and healthy) benefits of eating fresh & local year-round! The Bounty Box allows you to enjoy farm-fresh fruits and veggies, as well as various gourmet foods and products, conveniently delivered each week to your front door or office. We offer lots of variety with up to three customizable Box choices and ordering is a breeze through our online store. With every order, you'll help us support our regional farmers while eating delicious fruits and vegetables harvested at the peak of freshness. You don't need to sign a contract. Order when you want and skip whenever you need to. Eat fresh, support SC farmers and strengthen your community! Join The Bounty Box today!

How it Works

Sign up online.
Click here to sign up and create your account. Select a “default box” to serve as your standing order (your default box can be changed at any time). An annual enrollment fee of $23 is billed at this time.
Receive your menu email.
We’ll send an email every Friday after you join with the next week’s menu. Each week the menu features new boxes and individual add-on items (including gourmet cheese, local meats, sauces, rice and more) depending on what is in season and available.
Choose a box to customize.
Decide which box you’d like and any items to add or remove. All selections and changes need to be made by Sunday at 9pm for the upcoming week. If no selections are made, you’ll receive your default box.
Receive your order.
Deliveries are made Wednesday through Friday each week. You don’t need to be home to receive your order just leave out a cooler if it's warm out. Now enjoy your fruits and veggies!

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